New informative MailShark website launched

MailShark New Informative MailShark Website Launched

New informative MailShark website launched

The team at MailShark are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! Publicly made available 19 December 2014, the new website has been designed to make it much easier (and faster!) to find the information you’re after, whether it is MailShark options, news of the week or specific security threats. A few of the changes you will see on the new MailShark website include:

Speed – a Much Faster Web Experience

The new MailShark website is optimised for speed. News, Blogs and other components of the website now load much, much quicker for Web browsers on PC’s and Mobile devices. The speed increase over the older website is extraordinary: we measured it at 800%!

News feed

MailShark now has its important (and popular) Security news feed on the Home page. At any time you can click straight through to our news of the day and find information on new or rehashed phishing campaigns, zero-day exploits and other critical vulnerabilities.


MailShark has also added the MailShark Blog page to the Home page. The blog page is composed of our weekly round up on all matters relating to spam, phishing, email security and IT security.

Search function

The new MailShark website has a super fast Search function built-in. You can use this Search function to find any items published on our site. Try it out; it’s great!

Contact details and Support

We have updated contact details for MailShark and the key members of the MailShark team. We’ve also added integration from the Website to the MailShark Helpdesk system. This means that you can click the “Support” tab (from anywhere on the site) and search the MailShark Knowledge Base or raise a Support ticket for assistance and queries.

Social media

This is the feature we like the most! If you see something you like, it’s now very easy to share via well known social media sites. This encompasses Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleOn and Reddit.

Coming up …

The MailShark team will continue to enhance and improve your Web experience as well as meeting the requests of clients globally. In the next few weeks we will be adding an email subscription service. Check out our Announcements page for updates and subscriptions. If you have any queries or suggestions please don’t hesitate to Contact Us  or raise a Support ticket on-line.

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