Being in Information Technology (IT) for over 23 years and covering various industries from manufacturing, financial, wholesale and retail, I’ve had exposure to many areas, many businesses and various projects holding various positions. After so many years in different fields, I know what it means to protect businesses, work honorably, ethically and be someone whose word is bond, someone that can be trusted and relied on. For these and other altruistic reasons MailShark, founded by myself, was created. Extending the many years of experience in OSTech IT Managed Services to build a new leading company in its field.

The result? to safeguard and protect your business investments from Spam, Scams, Malware, Phishing, Identify Theft, Keyloggers and various viruses and phishing attacks. OSTech satisfies and exceeds the needs of our partners with a rock solid IT Managed Services environment, and MailShark extends this to provide a “FREE” Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Email Filtering Cloud service to protect your Email infrastructure, Business and Staff – the FIRST OF ITS KIND in the world!

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