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MailShark Gold

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Virus Scanning for inbound and outbound emailstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Spam Scanning for inbound and outbound emailstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Protection against executable files, malicious content, scripts and moretable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Quarantine managementtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Recipient verification/checkingtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Per-User and Per-Domain Customised Spam Score Managementtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Per-user and Per-Domain Signature/Disclaimer managementtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Per-User and Per-Domain Timezone managementtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Approved Senders / Banned Senders List managementtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
IP/ network address support in Approved/Banned List Managertable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Store Message Content of emails passing through MailSharktable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Ultra fast full text searchtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Mail queue management and reportingtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Reporting graphstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Emailed PDF reportstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Archiving of old message logstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Message delivery/relay informationtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Verifies DMARC record (DKIM): get notified when domain names are exploitedtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Additional SMTP Ports and Delivery Serverstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Per-Domain Multiple Outbound Relay managementtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
AJAX support for most operationstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Reporting with AJAX enabled query buildertable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
I18n support allows use of multiple languagestable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Import and Export of User accounts and Domainstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
AD/Exchange integration to auto populate account and group informationtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Easy plug-in authentication to external authentication systemstable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
AD/LDAP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, RADIUS/RSA, OAUTH, YUBIKEY Authentication supporttable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Web Interface works both with and without JavaScript enabledtable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Helpdesk Supporttable-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Email Continuity Servicetable-ticktable-tick
Optional MailShark signaturetable-ticktable-tick
Priority Helpdesk and Phone Support table-ticktable-tick
Priority Helpdesk - UNLIMITED PHONE SUPPORTtable-tick
Bundled Business Web Hosting *table-tick
Free Domain Name *table-tick
Dropbox for Business *table-tick
Store Email Time Frametable-tick30 daystable-tick60 daystable-tickSharkVault Email Archive
FREE Cloud Spam and Virus Filteringtable-tick60 daystable-ticktable-tick
FREE Admin Interface to review all emailstable-tick60 daystable-ticktable-tick
FREE Daily, Weekly, Monthly reportstable-tick60 daystable-ticktable-tick
FREE Email Archiving
(through SharkVault)
table-tick7 daystable-tick90 daystable-tick1 year
Hosted Email 10 Users
($20 per user thereafter)

MailShark FREE BRONZE includes FREE 60 day MailShark Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Service, $60/month ex GST per domain there after over a 12 month agreement – UNLIMITED USER MAILBOXES.

MailShark Enterprise SILVER includes FREE Standard Business Web Hosting with our Premium partner OSTech. (Linux Hosting Only)

MailShark Enterprise GOLD includes one FREE domain name. Most TLDs are supported including .com, .net, .org,, Registration is performed through our Premium partner OSTech.

MailShark Enterprise GOLD includes one FREE Dropbox for Business account with 10 users registered for your business. There is an UNLIMITED storage capacity per user account. MailShark is a registered partner of Dropbox.

Read the MailShark FAQ for full details on MailShark Enterprise pricing.

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