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MailShark is a Free Anti-Spam, Free Email Filter Service which, as shown in the World Map above, currently services clients in over 37 countries around the globe.

Founded on 20 May 2014, the MailShark team have had Spam Filtering and Email Hosting experience spanning over 20 years, dating back to 1994, when Email Spam and Internet Email was still in its infancy.

The MailShark founder remembers the days Email Spam on the Internet simply didn’t exist, when receiving an email from anywhere in the world was new, fresh and exciting. We also remember the day when the first Spam message hit our mailboxes and from then on, have found ways to keep our mailboxes free from Spam.

From very early on, Email Spam was just a nuisance to ones Email Inbox, although the present day shows the evolution of Email Spam into Email borne threats, which harness all forms of Spam, Scam, Malware and Phishing attacks. These days, many of the largest company hacks and exploits have come from Email, far surpassing exploits from Phone, Postal or Door knock scams.

As Email Borne Threats have evolved, so has our knowledge, experience and combating techniques. We can comfortably and assuredly say that the MailShark Team is one of the most experienced Email Filtering Teams on the planet and the MailShark Cloud-based Email Filtering solution is one of the best solutions of its kind in Safeguarding Global Email, with ease of use, easy setup and one of the only FREE entry points of its kind anywhere in the world.

The MailShark team are highly skilled IT professionals with over 20 years experience in combating spam. Our team has the sole purpose of providing clean secured Email delivered to your inbox. We have a passion for delivering to organisations a world-class and easy to use Free Anti-Spam and Free Email Filter service.

MailShark Corporation is 100% Australian Owned and a wholly owned entity of NPGX Pty Ltd. We have a solid internal Roadmap which will continue to expand the services provided over time.

The MailShark mission is to provide Safe, Clean and Spam free email to organisations all over the world.

Our Team

  • Michael Mansour

    Michael Mansour


    Michael Mansour is the Founder of MailShark and has been involved in Email delivery and Email filtering services for well over 30 years. As Founder I am responsible for the direction and services offered via the MailShark platform.