MailShark vs SPAM

MailShark vs Spam graph

How Does it work?

MailShark works by using the best Email filtering techniques available today, and by providing an easy to use Web based system to provide you with a feature complete view of your Email. Some techniques used include Whitelists & Blacklists, RBL lookups, Message Content filtering, Bayes filtering, Checksums, Optical Character Recognition systems and much more.

Business Safety

MailShark is here working 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the safety of your business by ensuring your email flows Spam free, reducing your business expenditure on hardware and software solutions. This eliminates the many hours required to continually learn and evolve with Spammers. MailShark is the complete Cloud based SPAM filtering package which does all the hard work for you.

Additional Benefits

MailShark looks outs for your business if your local MS Exchange or SMTP Mail Server is down or offline. All emails are stored for up to 90 days to ensure no loss of business emails occur. Once your MS Exchange or SMTP Email Server come back online, MailShark delivers your emails to your server automatically – no user intervention required.