Week in Review 25 September 2015

Week in Review 25 September 2015

We have a little less to cover in our week in review, this time, but the emails are still just as dangerous and malicious as ever! This week we noticed an influx of bank related phishing scams and yet another gift voucher scam attempt. Keep reading to find out more and delete these emails from your inbox if received.

Your Account Will Be Blocked Phishing Email Scam

MailShark Your Account Will Be Blocked Phishing Email ScamThe first email scam caught by MailShark spam filters this week was an extremely dangerous one. It claims to be from a bank (generically branded to target everyone who uses a bank) and is trying to scare you into clicking through and logging in via a malicious website. They are phishing for your log in data and there will be terrible consequences if they succeed – delete this email.



Win Only Today Kmart Gift Voucher Email Scam

MailShark Win Only Today Kmart Gift Voucher Email ScamA Kmart gift voucher scam attempt reached inboxes this week, offering a $100 gift card by simply clicking through to a malicious website. The branded was split amongst the American and Australian Kmart brands. Delete it if received, you will get nothing but a malware infection.




Your Westpac E-Statement Phishing Scam

MailShark Your Westpac e-statement Visit Phishing WebsiteYet another bank phishing attempt was caught claiming to be a Westpac e-statement email. It is very simple and tricky enough to fall for – the link leads you to a malicious phishing website created to look like the official Westpac online banking portal. Do not click any links and delete this email straight away!



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