Cybercrime Week in Review 23 May 2015

Cybercrime Week in Review 23 May 2015

U.S. Secretary of State lays out 5 principles for international cybersecurity (CIO)
On Monday the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, gave a wide ranging speech on cyber security and international cooperation at the Korea University in South Korea.

St. Louis Federal Reserve Suffers DNS Breach (KrebsOnSecurity)
The St. Louis Federal Reserve today sent a message to those it serves alerting them that in late April 2015 attackers succeeded in hijacking the domain name servers for the institution.

RBI Plans Cybersecurity Arm for Banks Security Leaders Welcome Help Setting New Standards (BankInfoSecurity)
The Reserve Bank of India has plans to set up a new IT subsidiary responsible for strengthening cybersecurity in the Indian banking sector.

Carefirst Blue Cross Breach Hits 1.1M (KrebsOnSecurity)
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield on Wednesday said it had been hit with a data breach that compromised the personal information on approximately 1.1 million customers.

NetUSB Driver Flaw Exposes Millions of Routers to Hacking (The Hacker News)
A simple but shockingly dangerous vulnerability has been uncovered in the NetUSB component, putting Millions of modern routers and other embedded devices across the globe at risk of being compromised by hackers.

Hacker launches ransomware rescue kit Steady, breathe: The wrong click could turn servers to brick (The Register)
Security bod Jada Cyrus has compiled a ransomware rescue kit to help victims decrypt locked files and avoid paying off crooks.

Sharing Threat Intelligence Sounds Like a Good Idea, But… (InfoSecurity)
Most security types know and believe that sharing threat intelligence between federal agencies and private organizations is valuable; but only a few actually participate in the sharing.

Your Invoice IN278577 from Out of Eden – word doc or excel xls spreadsheet malware (MyOnlineSecurity)
Your Invoice IN278577 from Out of Eden pretending to come from with a malicious word doc or Excel XLS spreadsheet attachment  is another one from the current bot runs which try to download various Trojans and password stealers especially banking credential stealers, which may include cridex, dridex, dyreza and various  Zbots, cryptolocker, ransomware and loads of other malware on your computer.

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