Website of Chef Jamie Oliver again Infected

Website of Chef Jamie Oliver again Infected

According to Malwarebytes the security company, Jamie Oliver the renowned chef from the UK has had his website once again infected with malware.

The attack on Oliver’s website is the third attack of its kind after the two that targeted during February and March 2015.

Food lovers who accessed on 9th May 2015 possibly got contaminated with a malicious program that stole passwords, says Malwarebytes. Since the attack chain included a drive-by infection, any kind of user interaction was unnecessary for becoming contaminated.

The earlier attacks also relied on the same technique wherein browsing the site’s page would result in one malevolent diversion onto the Fiesta attack toolkit. Following that were attempts at different exploits being utilized for hacking into the victim’s system, the malware apparently attempted several thousand log-ins of shopping, banking and e-mail websites.

For this financially-destructive compromise to come to a halt, it would be necessary to isolate or eliminate the malware from the victim’s computer.

There’s more to the latest assault: it makes a bid for eluding detection. Accordingly, the malicious code gets planted onto the hijacked computer system’s Windows registry in which vital details regarding the installed software and hardware are included. Then with the aid of garbled language, the file is made unreadable, consequently, non-identifiable to anti-virus solutions.

Malicious programs targeting websites aren’t the same beasts that targeted Windows computers, Malwarebytes concluded. published this, May 13, 2015.

With no alert issued about the malware attack on regular media channels of Jamie Oliver, Graham Cluley, Independent Security Blogger, was infuriated. He wrote that the team taking up Jamie Oliver’s site operation had repeatedly discovered itself victimized which raises doubt to the extent the team was likely to adequately stop more recurrences, thus published

The original Malware post and analysis can be found here.

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