Bunnings Gift Card Scam

Bunnings Gift Card Scam

Another Australian business, Bunnings Warehouse, has been targeted in the recent outbreak of gift card scams. Bunnings (for short) is a leading retailer in Australia and New Zealand for home improvement and outdoor living products. Keep reading to learn more about this gift card scam.

In Figure A you will notice the multiple blacked out blocks of text – these are where the receiver’s email address is displayed in an attempt to trick you into believing its authenticity. The subject line reads “Congratulations, you have won a Giftcard!?”

The email as a whole is poorly designed and does not represent Bunnings at all. The sender address has the word ‘Bunnings’ in it, but is in no way associated to the official website. Notice how they are pushing for you to click through to the website with 6 links (including the unsubscribe link at the bottom). Do not click anywhere in this email and delete it immediately. Clicking through to the website will lead to a malware infection.

MailShark Bunnings Gift Card Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Keep an eye out for suspicious gift card emails this week as there have been a large amount caught by our spam filters. Another common scam tactic noticed of late is the use of malicious links at the bottom of emails disguised as unsubscribe links. If you receive this email do not open it and delete it immediately.

Steph Kent
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