Check Apple ID phishing email tells recipients

Check Apple ID phishing email tells recipients

“Check your Apple ID !!” is the subject line of the latest Apple phishing emails. We have seen these types of emails before now; this one is another attempt by criminals to steal the recipient’s login credentials. Once again, the email is a fake.

Figure A shows a sample of the email that was extracted from the MailShark email filters today. The subject line of the email is “Check your Apple ID !!”, whilst the sender is shown as “Apple”. The email begins with “Dear Client” and goes on to inform the recipient that some of the account details are missing or incorrect.

MailShark Check Apple ID phishing email tells recipients
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

A button containing the text “Confirm My Account” is provided in the email. The user is advised to click on the button in order to confirm details of their Apple account. The email contains an Apple icon, but apart from that, is fairly sparse. The email sign off is “Apple Team”.

We’d rate this as a fairly simple email phish. Whilst the apple logo is contained in the email, the remainder of the email is fairly plain. The link in the button is the sole link contained in the email. One recent favourite trick of criminals is to insert real link elsewhere in phishing emails. This adds an air of realism to fake emails.

There are several signs that this is a phishing email. The link contained in the button does not lead to an Apple site. Instead it leads to a fake site. The grammar in the email body is poor. Further, the email is not personalised.

What this email does use is a sense of urgency. This it does by using two exclamation marks at the end of the subject heading. This is an attempt to trick the user into thinking something must be done as soon as possible. If you do receive this email, delete it.

Scott Reeves
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