Confirm account urges phishing email

Confirm account urges phishing email

“Dear Apple User” begins our phish of the day, and it does not improve from there, sadly. As usual, you must confirm your account information. This is just the latest in a long string of phishing emails aimed at Apple users. It is not genuine and can be deleted.

Casting a look at the email shown in Figure A, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a trifle nondescript. No Apple branding as such (although there is the word “apple” in grey on the top of the email). The email sender is listed as “Apple”. The subject line of the email is “Confirm Your Account information”. The greeting is “Dear Apple User”. One link is present in the email. The link uses the anchor text “Click here to Confirm Your Account Information”. The bottom of the email has a friendly word of advice if you need help. Indeed, the second last sentence tells you that “we’re happy to help”. The final line is a basic copyright notice.

MailShark Confirm account urges phishing email
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

As emails go, this a plain looking attempt. No reason is actually given as to why the recipient needs to confirm their account information. The email though is very insistent. There are four sentences in the email (including the link). Each sentence uses the word “confirm”. The email is imploring the recipient to click on the link.

This email is a fake, and not a particularly sophisticated fake at that. The lack of any realistic looking branding is a minor giveaway. The generic greeting is a big giveaway. And of course, the link in the anchor text is a big giveaway. It does not lead to Apple. It leads to a malicious site. This site looks a little like an Apple site, but it is not genuine, and is designed to trick people into surrendering personal and banking details.

This email is a fake and can be deleted. You can also check the Apple page on phishing.

Scott Reeves
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