Confirm Your Coles Voucher Email Scam

Confirm Your Coles Voucher Email Scam

Australian supermarket, Coles, has again been targeted by the gift voucher scam emails surfacing in the last few weeks. There have been a number of gift card emails caught by our scam filters so be wary when one reaches your inbox.

In Figure A you will see the bright red email in question. The design is a poor attempt at copying the official Coles branding. Overall, the email is encouraging you to click through to a malicious website which will put your computer at risk of a malware infection. Be very careful to not click any links and delete it if you see the subject line “Confirm your $500 Coles voucher” in your inbox. The sender is shown as “Coles Supermarket” but when looking closer at the email address it is in no way associated with the supermarket chain.

Some other points to take note of in this scam email:

  • Poor spelling & grammar
  • Unappealing design
  • Writing in a non-english language at top and bottom – odd when it’s targeting Australian customers
  • Malicious links – you can see this by hovering over a link with your mouse before clicking
  • Encouraging you to visit the website to claim the voucher
MailShark Confirm Your Coles Voucher Email Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

This email scam is just one of the many gift voucher scams our filters have picked up over the last few weeks. They seem to be dying down in numbers, but we encourage you to still be very cautious when receiving anything of this nature in your inbox. As usual, delete this email if you receive it.

Steph Kent
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