Latest email phish targets NAB customers

Latest email phish targets NAB customers

Once again, bank customers are being targeted by a phishing campaign. This time customers of the National Australia Bank (NAB) are being hit with phishing emails. This time the email claims unusual transactions have been detected. The implication made is that the bank has suspended access to online banking until you confirm your identity. Two links are provided. These links lead to a copy of the National Australia Bank internet banking portal. Apart from the links the email is plain text. This email is a scam. If you receive it, delete it. Do not click on the links.

Figure A shows the email. The subject line of the email is “Notification ID: 417329862”. Note that several different numbers were used for the emails we intercepted. The sender of the email “NAB”. The email domain is not a National Australia Bank domain. Two links are in the email. The user is urged to click on the links to begin the confirmation process. Both links use the anchor text “Log in”. The email does not use any National Australia Bank branding or logos. It does use an email identifier. The email does use the email address of the recipient in the greeting. This is an attempt at personalising the email.

MailShark Latest email phish targets NAB customers
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

This email is bogus, as most people would realise. Irrespective, there are two giveaways that the email is a fake. The first sign is the greeting. It might use the email address of the recipient, but we don’t consider this to be a personalised email. Banks will use the name(s) of the account holder. The second giveaway is the links. Neither link leads to the genuine NAB site. They lead to a crude facsimile of the genuine NAB internet banking site. The site is a phishing site. Do not click on the links; delete this email.

Scott Reeves
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