Replica Rolex Watch Present Scam

Replica Rolex Watch Present Scam

A replica Rolex watch present scam email has been caught by MailShark spam filters this week claiming to be selling the watches at a discounted rate. Rolex is a luxury watch brand known worldwide for their style and cost. The email is said to be sent by something called “Replica Watches”, however we have researched the brand and have not found any legitimate company, so we strongly advise caution when opening this email as you may be scammed for money or infected with a dangerous computer virus.

Figure A is a copy of the replica Rolex watch present scam email in question. Upon opening it you will notice it looks “spammy” – there is a random link at the top, the image looks like it was cut out of a magazine and there is random lettering (at the bottom) which goes on for about 50 lines of text. The email has also been sent to several receivers, which can be seen by all receivers, professional email marketing uses a system which hides these email addresses for privacy reasons.

The subject line reads “Best watches in the world. Best present.” The sender is shown as “REPLICA-WATCHES” but the email address used is clearly spam. Clicking anywhere within this email will lead you to a malicious website which we strongly advise to avoid at all costs.

MailShark Replica Rolex Watch Present Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B shows the malicious website you will land on if any links are clicked within the replica Rolex watch present scam email. It looks like a normal store and even includes a logo for the “Luxury Replica” brand, which we cannot find any information on. This website is dangerous as it is most likely looking to scam you for money by purchasing a fake watch (we are not even sure if you will receive the goods) or it could simply infect your computer with a dangerous virus.

MailShark Best watches in the world Best present Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

If you reach the malicious website run your anti-virus software immediately or if you have made a purchase through the website contact your bank or PayPal (whichever payment method you used) to advise them you may have been scammed. As usual, delete the email to avoid falling for this scam!

Steph Kent
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