Secure Account Phishing email says

Secure Account Phishing email says

Commonwealth bank customers may begin receiving a phishing email that tells them to secure their account, if the volume of spam emails we stopped the last two days means anything. As per usual with these types of emails, we provide a screenshot and a summary of the main points of the email.

A sample email is shown in Figure A. The subject line of the email is “Update and Secure Your Account” whilst the sender is listed as “Commonwealth Bank”. Authentic looking Commonwealth Bank logos are used. However, there is no copyright branding.

MailShark Secure Account Phishing email says
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

The email begins with “Dear Customer”, and goes on to inform the recipient that they have a new secure message. The user is invited to login to view the message via a link contained in the email. The email sign off is “2015 Commonwealth Bank”.

There is not much to this email. The subject line implies that the user needs to login to Netbank to update details and secure their account. However, the body of the email simply suggests that the recipient click on a link in order to view an online message.

Regardless, this email is a fake. Even though it may be simple, simple emails can still snare victims. As we have mentioned many times, banks always will send out a personalised email, not one that begins with “Dear Customer”. Checking the sole link in the email shows that it does not lead back to the Commonwealth bank or to a related site.

This email is a phishing attempt, and one in a long line of many. We have seen PayPal, Westpac, National Australia Bank and ANZ in the last 6 weeks. All of these emails are attempting to steal your login credentials and banking details. All of these emails can be deleted.

Scott Reeves
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