Update NAB details phishing email says

Update NAB details phishing email says

It seems that this week is the week to start phishing campaigns targeting bank users. Yesterday Westpac users were targeted. Today it is the turn of National Australia Bank (NAB) users. The email tells the user their NAB account details need updating, and therefore they need to click on a link. It is a fake email, and can be deleted.

Actually, one of the truly interesting “features” of the phishing emails we received targeting NAB account users was the date on the email. We started receiving the emails on the 13/3/2015, yet they were actually dated 14/3/2015. Who said time travel isn’t possible? In any case, the email in question that may be from the future is shown in Figure A.

MailShark Update NAB details phishing email says
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

The subject line of the email is “Security alert from NAB Internet Banking”. Once again, the greeting is “Dear Customer”. The sender of the email is Nab Internet Banking”. There is one link within the body of the email. The email uses a heading titled “a message from NAB Internet Banking”. The email is a fairly uncomplicated email. Not much attempt has been made to create a realistic looking NAB phishing email.

The reason (again) for the email is supposedly that the user’s account details require updating. The email tells the user that they can confirm their account details by clicking on the link. The link itself has the text “Click here to proceed with account review”. The emails uses standard messages stating that the message is automated, and not to reply to the email. The origin of the email is supposedly the “NAB Internet and SMS Banking Support Team”.

This email is a fake. There are a few clues, but the main ones are the greeting and the link. The greeting is not personalised; emails from banks always will address the name of the account holder. Mousing over the link shows that it leads to a site that is designed to steal user account details. This email is a fake.

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