Validate Apple ID phishing email says

Validate Apple ID phishing email says

“We are not completely satisfied with your account information” is the reason given in the latest Apple ID phishing email. Dire consequences are threatened if you don’t do something about your account. Naturally enough, you can click on a link and fix the problem. It’s all a scam, of course.

Figure A is a sample of the phishing email. It’s a moderate level of complexity for a phishing email. The email commences with the greeting “Dear Customer” and goes on to explain that “We recently failed to validate your account information”. The email invites the recipient to click on a link that will enable them to verify their Apple account. The subject line of the email is “Your Apple ID has been suspended [#28856]”. Note that the number may vary, however, all the samples we have looked at so far use the same number. The sender is listed as “Apple Customer Service”.

MailShark Validate Apple ID phishing email says
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

The email is somewhat contradictory, as the subject line tells the recipient their Apple account is suspended, whereas the body of the email suggest the user is facing suspension of their Apple account. There are two links contained in the email. The first is linked to the text “Click here to verify your account”, whilst the second is linked to the text “FAQ”. The “FAQ” text is a genuine link back to the Apple site, whereas the “Click here to verify your account” text links to a fake site. The email signs off with “Apple Customer Service”. Affixed to the bottom of the email is an Apple copyright notice.

There are some giveaways that this email is not genuine. The email does not use a personalised greeting, for one thing. The second sign is the link “Click here to verify your account”, mousing over it shows that it does not lead back to the Apple site. Instead it leads to a phishing site. This site is intended to steal user credentials with a view to committing fraud. As mentioned in other posts, Apple have provided some tips on identifying phishing emails.

This email is fake, and can be deleted.

Scott Reeves
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