Yet another ANZ Phishing email

Yet another ANZ Phishing email

Once again, an email campaign targeting bank users (ANZ in this case) started building up a head of steam. This campaign does have some oddities, especially in the date the bank apparently sets for your account being “indefinitely suspended”. Apart from that, it is fairly standard fare as phishing emails go. You can read on to see yet another ANZ phishing email.

We have reproduced the mail in Figure A. It is fairly plain; no ANZ logos are used. The email uses the subject line “ANZ-PFU93015” or similar. The sender of the email is listed as ANZ. The email opens with “Dear ANZ Customer”. There is one link contained in the email. The anchor text of the link is “CLICK HERE”. There are just a few short paragraphs in the body of the email. The sign-off is “Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited”.

MailShark Yet another ANZ Phishing email
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

The purpose of the email is to alert the customer to three incorrect login attempts being recorded on their account. The email goes on to explain that this has meant that the ANZ bank has limited the customer’s account. A link is provided for the customer to resolve the issue. The customer is requested to click on the link.

What strikes us as odd is the next line in the email, where it states that if the action is “not completed by June 20, 2013, we will be forced to suspend your account indefinitely.” It does sound threatening, but the date is in the past. For this reason, we suspect the email is a re-hash of an older email and if so, the scammers didn’t bother updating the date.

This email does have a fairly spammy look to it. There are other signs that it is false. The email’s grammar is poor in places. The email is not personalised and most importantly, the link is not to the genuine ANZ site. Once again, it links to a spammy looking replica of the ANZ site. This is another scam email.

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