Week in review 24 April 2015

Week in review 24 April 2015

This week we once again had PayPal phishing emails taking up the majority of posts. We did see an iTunes and an ANZ phishing email. Read on for our week in review. As always, you can click on a link to see the story in full, together with screenshots of the phishing emails in question.

iTunes account lockout imminent

Apart from PayPal, Apple/iTunes phishing emails are the rage among the phishing email crowd. This week we had another pleasant email targeting iTunes users. The consequences for non-compliance with the email request were not as pleasant. Your account will be locked out. The email is a scam; delete it.

Unknown web browser says phishing email

This email was either cheeky, or the crafters of the email made a mistake. Why else would you put advice on detecting phishing emails at the foot of a phishing email? This email is a fake, as you will determine if you read the footer of the email.

Mandatory Account Verification phishing email

Mandatory (adjective): required by law or mandate; compulsory (according to a mandatory). This word strikes fear into the hearts of many, especially when followed by the word “meeting”. No wonder the criminals chose it for this ANZ phishing email. There is a malicious email attachment. Delete the email if you receive it. In the words of the email, “this process is mandatory”.

Confirm Billing Address says phishing email

At least this email gives you until the 30th April 2015 to confirm your billing address. This is a typical PayPal phishing email. Just one link provided. It is a link to a malicious site. This email is another scam.

Confirm Information says phishing email

The award for keyword stuffing goes this week to another PayPal phishing email. In the space of four sentences the word “confirm” appears four times. Yes, we get the message. We confirm that this email can be destroyed.

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