Week in review 15 May 2015

Week in review 15 May 2015

Sandwiched between two PayPal phishing emails were an Apple and a traffic infringement notice. Not that tasty. Neither was the phishing email directed at Commonwealth Banks users. Read on for our week in review.  As always, you can click on a link to see the story in full, together with screenshots of the phishing emails in question.

PayPal Online Access Blocked

PayPal users are an ever popular target for phishing emails. We started the week with yet another one. This one claims that your billing information is out of date. You need to click on the link to verify your account. The email is high priority. High priority to delete this email, as it is a scam.

Copycat traffic infringement notice

This email just continues to run. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Nine News have run stories. Despite the high profile, the campaign persists. For the record, this email is nasty. Clicking on the link and downloading the file installs ransomware on your PC. In some cases, the malware destroys data on your PC. Don’t click on the link; delete it immediately.

Incorrect Apple Account Information

Bilingual emails get a run this week. This one had some French in the subject line. The bulk of the email was in English. The other interesting aspect is that the body of the email is one sentence long. Despite its interesting features, the email is not worth keeping. File it in the round bin.

Unusual credit card charges warns fake email

And we come to the second phishing email targeting PayPal users. This email is a standard phishing email, saying that there are some unusual credit charges on your account. In fact, it is an unremarkable email. Remove it from your email folders (if you have received it).

Online Access Locked says Phishing Email

This phishing email is realistic. It is also starting to appear in large volumes. Its intention is to direct users to a phishing site. It is a dangerous email. Delete it immediately.

Scott Reeves
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