Week in Review 17 July 2015

Week in Review 17 July 2015

Once again our week in review is on the shorter side, however, there was no shortage of malicious emails. This week we noticed a number of phishing emails pretending to be major companies in the financial industry. All of these emails were ‘phishing’ for data to access your personal accounts. Continue reading for a brief look at these emails and a link to the full articles.

Claims Bank Phishing Email Scanned

The first phishing email of the week was a cunning one pretending to be from St George (an Australian bank). They used a number of tactics to convince the reader of its legitimacy, including: asserting the email had been scanned for malware, a convincing subject line which read “St George Internet Banking Notification”, a genuine looking footer, sending as “St George Bank”, signing off as the “Security Department” and even using a genuine link to increase their authority. These types of emails can be extremely confusing and hard to catch out, especially if the reader is with the said bank. If you are unsure, look for the common signs of a malicious email such as generic greetings or contact your bank. As usual, delete this email if you receive it.

Latest Email Phish Targets NAB Customers

Another Australian bank was targeted this week by a phishing email claiming unusual transactions have been detected on your NAB account (National Australian Bank). It appears as a personally written email with no template or design in place, but has a generic greeting and dangerous links. Both links lead to a malicious website. Do not click any links in this email and delete it immediately.

PayPal Phishing Email Demanding Account Information

No stranger to the world of phishing emails, PayPal and its users were again targeted this week. A demanding email was caught by email filters warning of an account closure. This email, as most phishing emails, contained a generic greeting with a well forged email template. Once again, do not click any links in this email and delete it if it reaches your inbox.

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