Cybercrime Week in Review 30 May 2015

Cybercrime Week in Review 30 May 2015

Phishing Gang is Audacious Manipulator (Krebs On Security)
Cybercriminals who specialize in phishing — or tricking people into giving up usernames and passwords at fake bank and ecommerce sites — aren’t generally considered the most sophisticated crooks, but occasionally they do exhibit creativity and chutzpah.

Beacon Health Is Latest Hacker Victim (Healthcare Info Security)
Yet another large hacker attack has been revealed in the healthcare sector. But unlike three recent cyber-attacks, which targeted health insurers, this latest breach, which affected nearly a quarter-million individuals, involved a healthcare provider organization. Hacked, 10 Million Users’ Details Exposed (The Hacker News) — One of India’s most popular music streaming service with more than 10 Million registered users and 7.5 Million monthly visitors — has reportedly been hacked, exposing the site’s user information database.

Hackers compromise 100,000 IRS tax accounts with pre-stolen data (naked security)
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the US government agency tasked with collecting American citizens’ tax dollars, has been targeted by criminals with access to the personal information of around 100,000 taxpayers.

Insurer tells hospitals: You let hackers in, we’re not bailing you out IT departments better pick up their game if insurance biz is to pick up the bills (The Register)
When hackers swiped 32,500 patient records from Cottage Healthcare System, it was sued by its own customers for $4.1m – a bill that was settled by its insurance company.

Millennials Represent a Vast Insider Threat Vector (Info Security)
As the younger, “millennial” generation makes its way into the workforce, security experts are concerned that this group’s attitudes toward privacy, combined with expectations regarding what devices and apps they can access at work, will bring new cybersecurity challenges to the workplace.

Cybersecurity on the agenda for 80 percent of corporate boards (CSO Online)
Cybersecurity is a topic of discussion at most board meetings, according to a new survey of 200 corporate directors.

Inside a Giant Dark-Web Scheme to Sell Counterfeit Coupons (Wired)
THE DARK WEB has become notorious for the sale of drugs, stolen financial data, and even guns, but in their latest crackdown, the feds are dragging another unlikely cash cow of the contraband underground into the spotlight: counterfeit coupons.

PCI: 5 New Security Requirements New Task Force Created to Assist Smaller Merchants (Bank Info Security)
Five best practices noted in version 3.0 of the PCI Data Security Standard will become requirements after June 30, and smaller merchants are likely to be the most affected, says one security expert.

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