Cybercrime Week in Review 6 June 2015

Cybercrime Week in Review 6 June 2015

Apple Mac OSX Zero Day Bug Allows Hackers To Install Rootkit Malware (The Hacker News)
A zero-day software vulnerability discovered deep in the firmware of many Apple computers could allows an attacker to modify the system’s BIOS and install a rootkit, potentially gaining complete control of the victim’s Mac.

OPM hack: China blamed for massive breach of US government data (the guardian)
Denials from Beijing after computer systems are targeted at Office of Personnel Management, which holds details on entire staff of US government.

Check Point reports explosion in unrecognizable malware (CSO)
The average large enterprise saw 106 previously-unknown pieces of malware an hour last year, up from just 2.2 the year before, according to a new report.

Dutch Parliament approves mandatory breach disclosure (SC Magazine)
The Dutch Senate has approved a new bill to amend the Data Protection Act, with the changes seeing the introduction of mandatory breach disclosure, as well as increased powers for the local data protection authority, the CBP.

Attacking cybercrime through infrastructure, not individuals (BBC News)
With online crime it is much harder for the police to pursue a single perp. This has provoked a change in the way hi-tech crimes are tackled. Now it is about infrastructure, not individuals.

States Seek Better Mousetrap to Stop Tax Refund Fraud (Krebs On Secuirty)
With the 2014 tax filing season in the rearview mirror, state tax authorities are struggling to incorporate new approaches to identifying and stopping fraudulent tax refund requests, a $6 billion-a-year problem that’s hit many states particularly hard this year.

Why Banks Sued Home Depot: Institutions Seek Greater Post-Breach Compensation (Bank Info Security)
The consolidated class-action lawsuit recently filed by banks and credit unions against Home Depot is more evidence of how card issuers are no longer relying solely on card brands to be compensated for losses and expenses linked to breached retailers.

We stand on the brink of global cyber war, warns encryption guru Schneier: Sony hack ‘high skill, high focused’ (The Register)
We are in the early years of a cyber war arms race, security guru Bruce Schneier warned delegates at the Infosecurity Europe exhibition on Wednesday.

Dyre banking Trojan infections more than doubled (HelpNetSecurity)
Cybercriminal interest in online banking continues to grow, and crooks wielding the Dyre/Dyreza banking Trojan continue spewing out spam emails delivering a new variant of the malware.

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