$1000 Woolworths Gift Card Malware Scam

$1000 Woolworths Gift Card Malware Scam

A $1000 Woolworths gift card malware scam attempt has been caught by MailShark spam filters claiming it is your last shot to win. Woolworths supermarkets (locally known as Woolies) are an Australian supermarket chain owned by Woolworths Limited. Gift card scams have been extremely popular over the last 6 months – keep reading to find out more about this one.

Figure A shows the $1000 Woolworths gift card malware scam email and it contents. It is well branded with attractive imagery and relevant colours. It states a gift card has been reserved for you and pushes the email as your last shot to receive it.
There is a big call-to-action button in orange and the use of fake names in a table to give you confidence in its authenticity. The subject line of the scam email reads “Last chance to confirm your shot with a $1000 Woolworths’ Gift Card”. The sender is shown as “DFK” – the email address used is in no way associated with the official Woolworths website and is clearly spam.

All links within this email are malicious in nature and should be avoided. You can check the destination URL of a link without clicking it by hovering over it with your mouse.

MailShark $1000 Woolworths Gift Card Malware Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B is a safely captured screenshot of the malicious website you will reach if any links within the scam email are clicked. It is an exact copy of the email received in your inbox. This is most likely a scam tactic to confuse you into clicking again – doing so will lead to a malware infection. If you reach this page, you could already be at risk.

MailShark Last chance to confirm your shot with a $1000 Woolworths Gift Card Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge
MailShark strongly suggests deleting this email if received as it will not result in a gift card, but will result in a dangerous malware infection. If you think you are at risk run your anti-virus or anti-malware software immediately.
Gift card scams are expected to continue to reach inboxes for as long as they are fallen for – stay educated and safe with MailShark security news updates, or sign up to a subscription to protect your email domain.

Where in the world did the bulk of this Email come from?

Check out our Global Spam Sources page, for a World map of spam sources.

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