Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Statement Email Scam

Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Statement Email Scam

This Commonwealth Bank credit card statement email scam is extremely dangerous. The email is phishing for your bank information. Keep reading to find out how you can avoid getting caught by a phishing email.

Figure A shows the emailed caught by our spam filters. The subject line reads “Monthly credit statement and helpful new tips.” The sender is shown as the Commonwealth Bank but when looking at the email address it is in no way associated with the institution. Do not click the link in this email, it will lead you to a dangerous website.

Some important things to take note of in this email:

  • Poor layout & design – notice the logo is stretched and is of poor quality
  • No personalised greeting
  • Reputable banks will not send you an email pushing you to click a link (notice the ‘Click now!’ before the link in the email)
  • No official header or footer for the Commonwealth Bank
  • The link in the email does not go to the official website – you can check this by hovering over the link with your mouse
MailShark Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Statement Email Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B is the dangerous website you will be led to, if the link is clicked. Notice it is designed with an accurate resemblance to the official Commonwealth Bank NetBank log in screen. Do not enter your details. This is an extreme scam attempt to get your personal log in information. If you proceed to log in, your NetBank log in details will be recorded and accessed.

MailShark Monthly Credit Statement and Helpful New Tips Visit Scam Site
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

Once again, please ensure you do not click any links in this email and especially do not fill in your details on the fake phishing website. If you are ever unsure, contact your banking institution to discuss further. If you have fallen for this phishing scam, contact your bank immediately. Do not open this email if you receive it and as usual delete it from your inbox.

Steph Kent
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