Get Your Kmart Gift Card Email Scam

Get Your Kmart Gift Card Email Scam

Yet another Kmart gift card email scam has been caught by our email filters claiming to offer a free gift voucher by simply clicking through. These are becoming all too common and there are clear identifiers of their true intentions. Kmart is a discount chain store popular in America and Australia.

Figure A shows the email in question. It is designed to match the Kmart brand and is pushing the free gift card and trying to get the receiver to click through to the malicious website. Half of the email is an image meaning clicking anywhere is potentially dangerous. The subject line reads “Get Your Kmart Giftcard here” – note the poor grammar. The sender is shown as “Kmart Australia” however, when looking at the email address it is in no way associated with the official Kmart website and is clearly spam.

Some clear identifiers within this email include:

  • Poor grammar
  • Outdated branding
  • No personal greeting
  • Offering a freebie (especially because it is pushing you to a website)
  • Malicious links (you can check these by hovering over them with your mouse)
MailShark Get Your Kmart Gift Card Email Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B shows the malicious website the email will lead you to. The branding changes and it is simply designed to get you to click again. Clicking anywhere on this page will lead to a malicious malware infection. Do not go any further within this website and delete the email!

MailShark Get your KMart Giftcard here Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

Most freebie’s reaching your inbox are malicious in nature. Consider the chance you would randomly receive an email like this, especially when it is not from a legitimate source or you have not personally signed up to a newsletter. We strongly suggest deleting any emails of similar nature straight away.

7 October 2015 Update – Response from Kmart Australia:

We are aware of this offer and have reported it to our team. This offer is not affiliated with Kmart in any way and should be treated with caution. Any offers or competitions would be run through the Kmart Facebook page and would link through to the Kmart website not a 3rd party site. Thanks

Steph Kent
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