ICICI Bank Account Accessed Email Scam

ICICI Bank Account Accessed Email Scam

A plain text email with a malicious attachment has attempted to reached inboxes as an ICICI bank account accessed email scam. It claims your account has been accessed from another location. ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company. The bank provides financial services worldwide, meaning this scam is targeting anyone with the bank in question. Keep reading to find out more and be sure to delete this email straight away as it is phishing for your log in data.

Figure A is a copy of the ICICI bank account accessed email scam attempt caught by MailShark spam filters. As you can see, it is extremely plain and features a single malicious link in the form of an attachment. It has no personal greeting and no official branding, which is a clear indication of the emails true phishing intentions. The content pushes you to click the attachment – do not do so as this will lead you to a malicious website phishing for your banking log in details.

The subject line reads “Your account was accessed from another location”, which intrigues attention but does not yet state the bank. The sender is shown as “ICICI Bank” which, if the receiver is with the said bank, could lead to confusion and accidentally falling for this scam. Also note, the sender’s email address is in no way associated with the official ICICI Bank website.

MailShark Icici Bank Account Accessed EmailScam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B is a safely captured screenshot of the webpage you will land on if the malicious attachment is clicked. It is a fake page designed to look like the ICICI Bank website. It is asking for you to input very personal information. Entering any of your details here will lead to the information being stolen, used and most likely shared. If you find yourself on this page or think you may have fallen for this scam, contact the bank directly and immediately!

MailShark Your account was accessed from another location Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

Bank related scams are becoming more common and even trickier to identify. We recommend contacting the bank through an official phone number or going into a branch directly to discuss any suspicious emails purportedly received by them before clicking any links. Once again, we ask you delete this email to avoid confusion and ensure your safety online.

Where in the world did the bulk of this Email come from?

Check out our Global Spam Sources page, for a World map of spam sources.

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  1. This phishing e-mail continues to spread; if received, delete it from your mailbox:

    From: ICICI Bank [mailto:customercare@icicibank.com]
    Sent: Friday, April 22, 2016 2:55 AM
    To: Recipients
    Subject: Your account has been accessed from another location

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Please view the attached file for important update.
    © Copyright ICICI Bank © All Rights Reserved.


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