NAB Bank Notification Phishing Email

NAB Bank Notification Phishing Email

Once again NAB (National Australian Bank) has been targeted by an emailing phishing attempt. The email appears to be a notification on your account and even includes a fake ID number. This email is designed to trick current NAB customers into thinking their account has been experiencing unusual activity. Do not click any links in the email and delete it immediately. There are clear signs it is a fake.

If you refer to Figure A you can see the plain text email which states it is from “NAB”. The subject line generates enough interest for the receiver to open it and if you are with the bank in question you are even more likely to believe its contents. The use of an “ID number” in the subject is an attempt to add authority. Filters have caught multiple versions of this email all using unique ID numbers which could further confuse the receiver. Don’t click any links – both of these links go to a malicious website which has used the bank’s name in the URL to further convince you to click it. You can see this by hovering over the links without clicking them.

Other signs this email is a fake include the poor layout, the random email address in the greeting and the lack of information about the bank which would normally be included in a footer.

MailShark NAB bank notification phishing email
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Has this email reached your inbox? Delete it immediately and look for similar signs when receiving any email notifications from your bank. If you are ever in doubt, contact your bank by telephone to ensure the email is legitimate.

Steph Kent
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