Too Good To Be True Email Scam

Too Good To Be True Email Scam

This email scam attempt falls into the too good to be true category, offering to show you how to turn a $300 investment into $7,000-$8,000! If you have received this email we hope you have already noticed the suspicious nature and deleted it from your inbox.

If you refer to Figure A you will see a copy of the email in question. The subject reads “Single mum turned a $300 investment into $7,000-$8,000” which is a ploy to get you to open the email and click the links. It uses a personal approach with an attempt to use the receiver’s name. You are further enticed to click the links when the email says they have interviewed the “single mum” with a prompt to watch the video. Do not click the links – all links in this email (including the unsubscribe link) lead to a malicious website.

MailShark Too Good To Be True Email Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

When receiving emails of this nature the general rule is, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. The extra online casino promotion towards the bottom of the email is another clear indication of the scam attempt. Stay safe and delete this email immediately. Do not click any links in this email including the unsubscribe link, which is their last attempt to catch you out.

Steph Kent
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