Online Casino Email Scam Attempt

Online Casino Email Scam Attempt

This online casino email scam is an attempt to infect your computer with malware. Be very cautious with this one and delete it from your inbox if received.

Figure A shows the email in question. It’s plain text based and encourages the receiver to click through to a malicious website. The subject line reads, “Tame the dragon with 1,000 FREE smackers!” The sender is shown as “Jessica Smith” but when looking at the email address it is a clear fake. This email tries to use a personal approach to encourage you to click through – the rectangles are covering two places where the original receiver of this email’s name has been mentioned. You can tell the links are malicious by hovering over them before clicking, they are directed to a completely unrelated URL.

MailShark Online Casino Email Scam Attempt
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B is a screenshot we were able to safely get of the website you will land on if clicking any links in this email. The page is very convincing in terms of branding and again encourages you this time with a big, green call-to-action button saying “Download Now”. Do not go any further – your computer is already at risk of a malware infection.

MailShark Tame the dragon with 1000 FREE smackers Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

If you receive this email delete it from your inbox straight away. Emails like this often seem harmless, but are very dangerous to your computer and personal information.

Steph Kent
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