Win a New Car Malware Scam

Win a New Car Malware Scam

A suspicious win a new car malware scam has been identified by MailShark spam filters with a misleading subject. It doesn’t appear to be sent from a reputable brand or even made to look as though it has. This email scam attempt uses some tricky tactics so be sure to keep reading to find out more and delete it from your inbox if received.

Figure A shows the win a new car malware scam attempt. It is mostly text with some bold headings and hyperlinks. The content is overall, misleading and suspicious. There are several malicious links as shown in the figure which should not be clicked at any time. The subject line reads “RE: New Car Confirmation Delivery” which is misleading and confusing; a scam tactic to increase open rates.

The sender is shown as “Judy Brown” to make it a personal email, however the email address used is clearly spam. It does use a personal greeting, but overall has poor grammar and is too pushy to be legitimate. Clicking any of these malicious links will lead you to a dangerous website.

MailShark Win A New Car Malware Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B is a safely captured screenshot of the malicious website you will land on if any of the links are clicked. It takes a completely different approach to the email with big images and colour. It states 1637 people participated last month to instil confidence in the competition. The website then goes on to ask a question which, if answered, will lead to a malware infection. If you reach this page, leave immediately and delete the email!

MailShark New Car Confirmation Delivery Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

Malware is short for malicious software and is defined as any software used to disrupt computer operations by infecting it with a virus. These computer contaminants can have different effects and purposes, but all are dangerous and should be avoided through the use of email and browsing safety software.

MailShark suggests utilising spam filters to avoid these emails reaching your inbox therefore decreasing the risk of a malware infection or worse. If you think you are at risk from this email, run your anti-virus software straight away. Email safety is extremely important and we hope to help keep you and your data safe.

Where in the world did the bulk of this Email come from?

Check out our Global Spam Sources page, for a World map of spam sources.

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