Week in Review 24 July 2015

Week in Review 24 July 2015

This week’s week in review features a variety of email scam and phishing attempts. We hope this round-up of malicious emails will help you recognise and delete similar emails that may reach your inbox. If you wish to read more about a certain email listed below, please click through to the full article.

Plain Text Confusing Scam Attempt

Simple and plain emails are commonly picked up by our scam filters. This particular plain text malicious email encourages the reader to click a suspicious attachment. The email as a whole is confusing in an attempt to trick you to open in. Do not open the attachment and delete the email immediately.

Too Good To Be True Email Scam

Emails offering money should always be considered as suspicious. This too good to be true email scam attempt is a ploy to attract interest by offering to show you how to turn a $300 investment into $7,000-$8,000. It even includes promotion for an online casino along with 4 malicious links. Do not click any links in this email and delete it from your inbox.

NAB Bank Notification Phishing Email

This week, NAB (National Australian Bank), was targeted with this notification phishing email. It could easily be seen as legitimate by NAB customers so be wary of clear signs it is a phishing scam. Delete this email if you receive it.

Woolworths $100 Gift Card Email Scam

Australian supermarket, Woolworths, was targeted by a $100 gift card email scam this week. There are obvious signs it is a fake and no explanation as to why the free gift card is being received, except a line stating “Visit the website to get your giftcard” (the email spells gift card incorrectly throughout). Please ensure you delete this email from your inbox.

Loan Offer Email Phishing For Your Information

A different type of money scam was also caught this week – a loan offer email phishing for information. The email contains some obvious signs it is not trustworthy. Keep in mind it is not likely you would be offered a loan by a random man via email. If you receive this email, as usual, delete it straight away.

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