Week in Review 18 September 2015

Week in Review 18 September 2015

It has been another interesting week in the world of email scamming. This weeks, week in review (ending Friday 18 September 2015) saw some old tactics and new tactics implemented to get the receiver to click through to a malicious website. We strongly suggest deleting any of these emails if received. Keep reading to find out more and click the link within the paragraph to read the full article.

Interesting Solar Rebate Email Scam

MailShark Interesting Solar Rebate Email ScamThe first scam attempt caught by MailShark spam filters this week had an interesting approach we haven’t seen before. It reaches inboxes as a solar rebate email but, with a lack of personal greeting, dodgy links, “blue screen Windows error”screen, it obviously has a malicious intent.




Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Alert Scam

MailShark-Commonwealth-Credit-Card-Alert-Visit-Phishing-WebsiteA Commonwealth bank credit card email scam was noticed this week trying to phish for your personal information. The website this email leads you to is designed to look official, but will seek to steal your personal and financial information for malicious purposes.




Personal Psychic Reading Email Scam

MailShark Personal Psychic Reading Email Scam Visit Website 2This psychic reading email scam targets those interested in a free psychic reading. Psychic scams have been going round for years, and clicking anywhere in this email will lead you to a malicious website. Oh, and the personal reading is a lie – don’t fall for this one!




50K SUV Email Scam Attempt

MailShark 50k SUV Email Scam AttemptThis fake $50,000 prize to Win a Toyota Kluger is not real and can spark your interest at the perfect time if you do happen to need a new car and an SUV at that. Toyota Australia has an official statement on it’s website regarding these types of scams. Please read the article to see how it’s presented.



Stock Market Forecast Email Scam

MailShark Stock Market Forecast Email ScamSpam filters also caught this stock market forecast email scam which links to a fake article on a malicious website. Scammers go to a lot of trouble to make this scam look legitimate. Clicking anywhere within this email or on the website will lead to a malware infection.




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