ANZ Bank New Message Phishing Email

ANZ Bank New Message Phishing Email

This ANZ bank new message email scam is an extremely dangerous phishing attempt. It is trying to phish for your online banking log in details. ANZ Bank (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) is the fourth largest bank in Australia.

Figure A shows the phishing email attempt. It is very minimal and is plain text with a single malicious link. The subject line reads “New Message” which entices the receiver to open it out of interest for where the new message came from. When seeing it is from “ANZ”, especially if you are with the said bank, you are more likely to be tricked into clicking through.

When looking at the email address of the sender, this sender is in no way associated with the official ANZ website and is clearly spam.

Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B is the page you will land on if you click the malicious link within this email. It is a fake version of the ANZ internet banking portal which is phishing for your log in information. Filling out this fake log in form will lead to the senders of this email scam gaining access to your personal banking information. Always check the URL of a website and if logging onto an online banking portal go directly through the official website only.

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Figure B – Click to Enlarge

Online banking scam attempts that are phishing for your personal details are very dangerous. Be careful when receiving any emails from your bank and speak to the bank if you are ever in doubt of an emails authenticity.

Steph Kent
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