Get Out Of Debt Email Scam

Get Out Of Debt Email Scam

This email prays on people’s financial difficulties and is extremely dangerous if clicked. It claims to be sent by Career Journal Australia and wants to help you start earning money. Delete this email if received – it is a malicious attempt on your personal information and computer data.

Figure A shows the get out of debt email scam contents. It is well branded and can look very convincing – especially if you are desperately in need of some extra money. The subject line reads “The System that will help you get out of debt”, it is a captivating statement that entices the receiver to open the email to learn more. The sender is shown as “Career Journal”, however, when looking closer at the sender’s email address it is in no way associated with the name and clearly looks like spam. Everything in this email is encouraging you to click through from the video to the call-to-action button. Be extra cautious with this email scam attempt as the whole email is sent as an image, meaning clicking anywhere will lead you to a malicious website.

MailShark Get Out Of Debt Email Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Figure B is a screenshot of the malicious website we were safely able to capture with MailShark software. It is very information heavy which can trick some users into trusting the website. There are several call-to-action buttons on this page saying “Start Earning”, however they are not the only dangerous places to click. Clicking anywhere within this web page will put your computer at risk of a malware infection.

MailShark The system that will help you get out of debt Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

This email has a malicious intent to infect your computer with malware and is particularly targeting those experiencing financial hardship. Delete this email from your inbox straight away, it will in no way help you to earn money.

Steph Kent
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