Win A Bunnings Gift Card Email Scam

Win A Bunnings Gift Card Email Scam

A new Bunnings gift card email scam has been caught by MailShark spam filters, offering the chance to win a $2,000 Bunnings gift card sponsored by MyEssentials. We are unsure exactly what MyEssentials is and cannot find a record of a reputable brand with that name. The two websites we did find seemed not to be legitimate sites with broken links and buttons.

Bunnings Warehouse is Australia’s largest household hardware chain. This email is a scam attempt so delete it from your inbox if received.

Figure A is a screenshot of the email in question. It is well branded and would appeal to anyone who might open it. The subject line reads “Enter for your chance to win a Bunnings Gift Card” which entices the receiver to open it out of interest. The sender is shown as “Gift Card Voucher” however, when looking closer the email address, it is in no way associated to the official Bunnings website and is clearly spam. This email includes the receiver’s email address (in black for security reasons) in an attempt to personalise it and further convince the recipient of its authenticity.

As the email is mostly an image, clicking anywhere within it will lead you to a malicious website – this includes the unsubscribe link at the bottom.

MailShark Win a Bunnings Gift Card Email Scam
Figure A – Click to Enlarge

Similar to other Bunnings gift card scam we’ve posted about previously:

Bunnings have a page noting their awareness of such scams here, where they go on to say

Bunnings is in no way associated with any of the above activities and do not use social media for any offers or promotions. Bunnings will also never ask for personal or banking details in unsolicited communications.

If in doubt, it can help to visit the Bunnings Contact Us page to ask Bunnings if they currently have any competitions running and notifying them of the scam if they don’t.

Figure B is a screenshot we were safely able to capture of the destination website. It is again, well branded and encourages you to fill out the form to win your $2,000 Bunnings gift card.

Everything on this page is fake, including the terms & conditions which are put there to give the competition authority. Going any further on this page will lead to a malware infection!

MailShark Enter for your chance to win a Bunnings Gift Card Visit Website
Figure B – Click to Enlarge

If you receive this email in your inbox we strongly suggest you delete it immediately. Similar gift card email scams have been circulating so stay safe and delete suspicious looking emails from your inbox and definitely do not click any links.

Steph Kent
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