Week in Review 31 July 2015

Week in Review 31 July 2015

There is no shortage of malicious emails in this weeks, week in review. Spam filters have noticed an outbreak in gift card scams attempting to infect your computer with malware. All of these emails targeted popular Australian companies. Be wary of any gift card emails in the coming weeks. Read below for a brief on each of this week’s security news posts and a link to the full article.

IKEA Gift Card Scam

Mailshark IKEA Gift Card ScamThe first of gift card scams noticed this week was an IKEA gift card scam. This email claimed to provide a $500 gift card and pushed the reader to visit the website. Clicking any links in this email will lead to a malicious attack on your computer and personal information. Delete this email from your inbox.




Bunnings Gift Card Scam

MailShark Bunnings Gift Card ScamThis Bunnings gift card scam was also caught by filters this week. The email again prompts you to click through to the malicious website and offers a gift card in return. Do not click any links in this email. You will not receive a gift card but you will get a malware infection.




Coles Gift Card Scam

MailShark Coles Gift Voucher Competition ScamA Coles gift card scam was also attempted to be planted in inbox’s this week. It states to provide the receiver with a $750 voucher and encourages you to visit the website to enter. Do not click any links and delete the email if you receive it.




Woolworths Gift Card Scam

MailShark Woolworths Gift Card ScamAnother Australian supermarket chain was also targeted this week. This Woolworths gift card scam is well designed and easier to fall for than most. Do not be fooled, it will also infect your computer if you click through. Delete it immediately.




Hungry Jacks Gift Card Scam

MailShark $1000 Hungry Jacks gift vouchers Visit Scam SiteThis Hungry Jacks gift card scam has a mediocre design and attempts to get the reader to click several links to claim one of four gift cards worth $250 each. It is a scam attempt – Do not click any links or open the email at all. Delete it from your inbox if received.




Virgin Australia Flight Gift Card Scam

MailShark Virgin Australia Flight Gift Card Scam Visit Scam SiteThe last gift card scam caught this week was a Virgin Australia flight gift card scam email. This email again encourages the reader to click through multiple times promising a $1000 gift voucher. Do not click any links, going through to the website will lead to a malware infection on your computer. Delete this email.



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