Week in Review 11 September 2015

Week in Review 11 September 2015

This week proved an interesting one in the world of email scamming. MailShark spam filters caught a variety of gift card scams, money scams, competition scams and more in this weeks, week in review. Keep reading to find out more and click the links to read the full article!

Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses Online Email

MailShark Ray Ban EyewearThese Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses email scams were caught this week claiming to offer heavily discounted Ray-Ban merchandise. All emails seemed to promote similar fake websites. As confirmed by Ray-Ban’s response contained in the report, they are fake websites.




Win a Bunnings Gift Card Email Scam

MailShark Win a Bunnings Gift Card Email ScamThis Bunnings gift card scam email was caught this week claiming to offer the chance to win $2,000 in gift vouchers. It uses a gift card hook to entice you to open it and click through – doing so will lead to a malware infection so delete this email.




Get Out of Debt Email Scam

MailShark Get Out Of Debt Email ScamA get out of debt email scam was circulating this week claiming to have the secrets to help you start earning big money. This email is fake and is a malicious attempt on your personal information and computer data – delete it immediately.




ANZ Bank New Message Phishing Email

MailShark New message Visit Phishing SiteWe have seen too many of these ANZ bank phishing email scams claiming you need to log into your account and leading you to a fake online banking portal. Always check the URL of a website you are entering your data on and contact your bank if you are suspicious. This email is phishing for your ANZ bank log in details – delete it from your inbox.



Get Your Vesper Scooter Email Scam

MailShark Congratulations a brand new Vespa Scooter Visit WebsiteThis Vesper Scooter email scam draws interest from receivers by offering the chance to win a prize and then leads them to a malicious website. Don’t open this one unless you want a malware infection on your computer – delete it from your inbox to be safe.




Charity Project Money Email Scam

MailShark Charity Project Money Email ScamAn email branded as a charity project money email scam appears as a personalised email from lotto winners offering you $1 million. The links in this email are dangerous in nature – delete this email to avoid a malware infection.




Win a Holden Astra Competition Email Scam

MailShark Win a brand new Holden Astra Visit WebsiteYet another competition email scam has reached inboxes this week claiming you can win a brand new Holden Astra. There are several malicious links within this email and some clear signs to identify it as a scam. Stay safe and delete it from your inbox.




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